Reckless Endeavors.

    Remember that other text I said was the best text I’ve ever received? I lied. (: Teehee. This is. 

    'You shuddup, its like 12:30 and I'm texting the biggest Derp, funny, hipster, Harry Potter nerd I know :) I think dat says something. Wut do u think?'

    I think…. ^-^


    if you’re going to be weird and ship bellatrix/draco, please at least call it bellataco because that’s an awesome ship name

    Dem cousins doe Baby Syd and Anne (@disbeehomeeyytyrroonnee)

    Moar Spekulayshuns

    A couple text posts ago, I wrote about a friend, hoping that as I typed out the post I could possibly see things in her shoes and write a text post that was full of empathy and understanding, but it just turned into a speculative rant. Long story short, he/she hypocritically tried to shove ‘the real world’ down my throat.

    But I don’t think I’ve ever come close to fully understanding why so many people around me have, well, done the same. Everyone thinks reality is concrete. It’s unfortunate to me that this take on the world around seems universally common. But it isn’t concrete, it’s this preconceived notion of ‘the real world’ that causes everything to fall apart despite its universally accepted-ness.

    Digression ensues.

    I mean there’s no universal scale about what upsets and hurts someone. Everything that hurts people, hurts them for a reason. Many times the reasons won’t be understood and be thought of as silly and trivial, but saying that someone else has it worse is unjustified and bluntly, a rather stupid thing to do. Why? Because someone will always have it worse. See, if we operate under that aspect of ‘the real world’, then no one would be able to feel hurt, ever.

    People don’t get hurt because the things the worst things anyone could ever imagine have happened to them. Hurt happens because the things that have happened have had some emotional attachment, part in our lives, or even a special place in our heart. There are different circumstances for each and every one of us. No set or concrete standard of hurt exists that needs to be met before we can break down, cry, have our hearts ache, etc. To say there is, is ignorant and laughs in the face of everything we’re all capable of : empathy, love, and kindness.

    But, alas, this standard seems to have developed and manifested, preventing us from the understanding we are capable of and instead let us determine what others around us can and cannot do and judge those around us. This , is what causes us to, metaphorically speaking, fall apart. So often, we either are ashamed of or conceal everything about us that doesn’t meet the status quo, although not limited to our problems and emotions. So in lieu of divulging ourselves in order to relieve that ‘heavy burden on our chest’ that so many fictional characters speak of disappearing after long heartfelt conversations or dramatic confessions, we bottle it all up and satiate it in the depths of ourselves, but breaking points are inevitable.

    I think reality is like religion. It’s something we often take comfort in, in this vast world of not knowing and never ending mysteries yet to be unraveled. It’s something we’d like to have faith in, because its there, its sensible, and generally accepted. But like all religions, not everyone chooses to accept and live by it - adopting his/her own beliefs, while others take to believing in it in the most extreme.

    Reality is but a perception, not a standard. I mean there is no universal scale of hurt.

    Although, I’m not sure if the same can be said for Kim Kardashian.

    I think this may have been the best text I’ve ever received.

    Wtf! You are so spontaneous! It’s like we were talking about school and all of a sudden you say, “pigs can fly”. Like Wtf. But in the end it makes me laugh.

    It made me smile. ^-^

    speculations from a screwed up mind.

    Apathy, a simply simple word, that should simply sum up the several sumptious speculations scrutinizing society’s present situation. Sorry. I was feeling Roald Dahl-ish at the moment.

    But what if apathy isn’t the root of our problems? But rather something that has fell victim to our society’s insidious invitation to become a participant in the infamous “Blame Game.” Apathy, the absence of passion, enthusiasm, and/or emotion? The word and definition themselves are such oxymorons to this world we live in. As an entirety, our society has developed an integration, although admittedly a meddley of an integration, of such advances and accomplishments. Such could not have been accomplished without the means of passion nor enthusiasm. The human race itself has flourished on passion and curiousity, from the times of the Ancient Greeks, when the myths were conjured in order to articulate the coming to of this Earth to the present, where we are constantly and perhaps subconsciously regurgitating the depths of our minds onto this wonderland known as Tumblr. Our passion has never been lost, it has been rather, redefined. We live in such a fickle world, that fickility-if that’s even a word, has overwhelmed us in a way, where we common overlook the changes in the little, abstract aspects of out lives. Case in point, passion.

    Our growing society has provided us with so many outlets for our passion. *cough* Tumblr *cough* Having our passion diluted and funneled into so many things at once has brought along our appearance to possess apathetic dispositions, when we truly don’t. Dare I say that our problems do not lie in apathy, rather in fear. Fear of failure? According to a book written by a Phd certified doctor, people don’t take risks because they fear the outcome may be failure. Thank you, oh wise PHd certified ‘doctor’, I would have never thought. >_> But all casualties aside, OWPCD (oh wise Phd certified doctor) does have a point. The fact that we sometimes conceal our true passions, opinions, and thoughts that may or may not be considered popular or accepted at the time, for fear of being judged by our peers leads us to appear apathetic. It’s quite silly how apathy is blamed so as to prevent confessions of fear. Although such a subtle misdoing, so much is said about human nature and the social protocol of this day and age.  

    But funny isn’t it how, some would argue that fiery passion and pertinacious standing in opinions would eventually surpass self-consciousness, leading back to the reconsideration of the amount of passion we have, and we’d ultimately, probably, most likely arrive at the point of apathy. So perhaps the enemy of love is not hate, but apathy…or is it fear?


    I think I’ll just type up random bursts of creativity here. (:

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